Indeed, we can never be certain.
But the thing about uncertainty is that it gives you hopes.
And most of the time, they turned out to be false.
Whether it's positive or not, You should at least make me certain.

Hae Soo

It lives in you. Your passion It won't die, It won't be hated, But it would be gone.
It would be remembered It would be missed.


Sometimes you tell people your story your problems not because you want them to solve it.
But you just want  someone to share it with. You want to be heard.
You do know  what you should do.
And when people keeps on giving you their way to solve your problems.
You somehow got persuaded by it And suffer the consequences  on your own.

You don't want solutions Just a shoulder to cry on.
And the annoying part about listening to others is that when it goes wrong you got them to blame.
While, I'd rather be responsible and blame myself for my decision. So that I won't allow myself to regret.
And even until now, I question myself what would happen if I didn't follow that advice? And follow my heart instead.


I don't dream. You know that. I don't like getting disappointed that I don't have expectation. That I stopped dreaming.

Then I met you, who reminds me so much of my old ambitious self. It was refreshing.
And to fill the gap you left, I started dreaming again. I got ambitious again.
Is it a blessing? Is it a mistake? I don't know.
What I know is, it's scary. The thought that  I probably can't stop.


You thought growing up
means that you should stop
relying on anyone
and deal with your problems
and insecurities

You're taught that way.

Indeed, if you manage
to deal with them alone,
you're amazing,
you're strong.

You can embrace the feeling
of success when you do.
But there is no one
for you to tell.
No one for you to share.

The thing about fighting alone
is that
it's lonely.

If you have the choice,
don't choose the lonely path.

And I sincerely hope that
you'll never be lonely.

Sincerely, Seri