It sure is easy to say.

"You can't keep living in the past. Move on, will you?"
But what can I do? The present doesn't keep me alive. But those memories do.
And I want to be nothing, but alive at this very moment.
So, just let me dwell in it. Let me just do whatever I want this time.
You've said enough. You've concerned enough.
 And they are only

The introvert me


It was Spring

I left. Because I didn't  want to wait.
The irony is, the only thing I can do after leaving is waiting.


Don't worry about me.
I already worry about myself so much.
Your concern is a burden to me.
A burden which tells me that  I should be ok.


Maybe confusion is not at all  a negative thing.
Cause only by being confused you get to ask the right question.

Like, why did you?

Wind, a cold one?

Just like the wind that you're meant to be, you passed me by.
And maybe cause you're the wind, even now, I can still feel you.

Inspired by: A Walk To Remember


Some people get inspiration by reading, Some may get it by observing, And some may get it by experience.
You can't force your method of  being inspired to others.
Just like you  can't force yourself to be inspired.

And as for me, maybe my inspiration was you.